3DL 500

1) Long-range Positioning system
2) Geomagnetic sensing system
3) Geo frequency resistivity system


The combination of these three techniques provides the worlds most accurate reporting features.
Way point selections are channelizef by the long range positioning system, which includes a live GPS tracking scteen.
Geomagnetic sensing pinpoints tge accurate location for drilling site.
Geo-frequency sensing provides the complete data with depth and permiability.
The only equipment in the globe to scientifically calculate the permiable factor is designed by 3D Locators.
Case studies conducted on more than 270 site locations on various stratas including ignesious strata metemorphic and sedimentary strata.

1) We never deal with Chinese products
2) We furnish complete training and demonstration before purchase.
3) We deal only with scientific products ( equipment’s which do not provide measurements or readings are considered non-scientific beware of non-scientific products)
4) We furnish case studies and trainings from basics of geology, classification of rocks, calculation of geomagnetic values, permeable factors and also train you on accuracy improvements.

1) We provide complete field demonstration with our company appointed technical trainer.
2) Our demonstration duration 4-6 hours depending on the product.
3) Our field demonstration includes selection of correct axis, pinpointing a site, general value factors, and difference in between a new point survey and a predrilled
point, survey near an existing borewell, preparations of groundwater reports, live contour generation.

Sales & Service

We sell only products after demonstration as per customer’s choice.
We have service center tie up with direct dealer code, thus any services can be solved with in maximum 3-5 business days. ** Conditions apply
Unlike other dealers we don’t charge for international shipment carriers for products sold in India and we also do not waste your valuable time.
We have tie up with Global distribution partner thus we invite enquiries from international buyers and we are ready to support based on customer requirement.
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