Case Studies


Mahaveer Galaxy (BENGALURU)

In the month of December 2019 one of our customer Mr. Shivkumar from Karnataka challenged a survey in an apartment where they had drilled 13 wells which were failed after drilling, with the help of 3D Locators he has done the long range survey and has identified the highest magnetic axis, and has conducted the geo-frequency survey with a comparison of 5 sample points and as per the reporting the yield prediction matched 100% which is one of the biggest success stories and the cheer video is attached.

Case study 02


In the month of October 2019 one of our customer Mr. Basanagouda from Gulbarga Karnataka has completed a survey for a dry land with the most advanced geo frequency system and as per the case share the yield prediction is around 3000 LPH. The regional geomorphology was taken into consideration with the report for the max accuracy and the success video is shared.

Case study 03


In the month of January 2020 one of our customer Mr.Muthusamy from salem tamilnadu has completed the 3D locators 3DL 500 survey with highest accuracy where he got 82.3 permiable factor and the yield was around 1.5 inch to 2 inch in prediction. As per geomorphology the area was a tuff geological condition.

Case study 04

Chitoor (Andra Pradesh)

Customer who has done more than 700 sites for groundwater exploration and has reached 653 sites successful with in a span of 7 months and has given a respectful case share ant the 3D locators 100 users success meet with proven results and has made us happy.

Congratulations Mr. Reddy maharaj

Case study 05

Dindukal (Tamilnadu)

Mr.Sabarinathan professional groundwater consultant from Tamilnadu has achieved 4 points in the same field with 100% accuracy and the highest yield prediction of 4 inches. The customer shares the real feed back in the video, Mr sabarinathans continuous case shares and his research on our product has given hopes for highest success ratio in Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Case study 06

Trichy (Tamilnadu)

Mr.sabarinathan groundwater consultant has shared the live video review after completion of his survey where customer has given a positive feed back in the means of his survey conducted, the customer explains that he has selected 5 groundwater points in his land and the results will be shared a fter complete analysis of the data collected.
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