1) Why 3D Locators?
3D Locators is the one and only organization adapting 3 stage technology in detection of groundwater, the equipments are live programmed to generate the real time data from the geo factor.
2) What is the technology adapted in 3d locators groundwater detectors?
Geomagnetic sensing, Long range sensing, geo-frequency resistivity sensing, GPS, wireless communication up to 25 Meters, capacitive touch screen, IPS color Display, Outdoor readable, automatic depth calculation, automatic reporting, report mailing, wireless resistivity survey, multi channel probing system.
3) Can these detectors detect metal?
No, although our geomagnetic sensing system can detect ferrous and non ferrous metals at some stages, the equipment is not programmed for metal detection.
4) How Accurate are 3D locators products?
Based on geological factors the accuracy of the equipment differs as per the geological terrain, but after various case studies and research in construction and program of the equipment the accuracy of the equipment is developed in between 90-100% depending on surveys conducted @ more than 370 sample sites.
) Why should we adopt 3 stage surveys for groundwater exploration?
5.a) Considering the risk factors in exploration of groundwater Stage I - identification of the groundwater bearing area (carried out by long range survey) Stage II- pin pointing the specific target of the aquifer zone (carried out by geomagnetic sensing system) Stage III- conforming the aquifer zone and calculation of depth (geo-frequency resistivity survey) 5.b) As the above equipments are not used in the complete survey process specifically designed by a single production unit on multi channel program, the accuracy ratio in the survey process are not up to a mark when compared with 3D locators products.
6) Are these detectors suitable for any kind of geological formations?
Yes the equipments are suitable for sedimentary, metamorphic and ignesious formations but comparatively when the magnetite content or the ferrous content influence the formations there are chances to drop in accuracy, but if the geologist considering the survey as per geomorphology the accuracy can be developed far better.
7) Should we have geological knowledge to operate the equipment?
No, geological knowledge is not mandatory to operate the equipment, the system is designed on a easy to handle platform where anyone can handle the equipment with basic knowledge.
8) Is this equipment fully automatic?
Yes the system is fully automatic and can also generate the reports automatically and can be sent to the customer via e-mail.
9) What is the advantage of buying 3D locators product?
3D locators is the only product designed based on the 3 stage survey process suitable for any country and any formation.
10) What is the warranty period?
All 3 D locators products are covered with 2 years warranty as per the conditions Annexure please visit www.3dlocators.it/warranty
11) How to claim warranty?
Visit https://3dlocators.it/warranty/ for complete details are warranty support and claims.
12) Do we get demonstration or training for the product?
Yes we have trained demonstrator in India, complete training and field demonstration can be provided. For out station and foreign clients we provide on call demonstration, skype training, video demonstration based on customer requirement.
13) Can we purchase the products directly from 3 D Locators Company?
No the sales channel is being partnered with the global distribution company and the global distributor distributes the products via their dealers, sub dealers and retailers.
15) Do we get after sales support?
Yes, complete support in regards to the operation and technical Aspects are taken care by the company appointed Dealers and promoters.
14) Why is the company distributing through a global distributor?
In the program of sales and marketing we have a wide strategy in demonstration, training, support, service, and warranty claims. Thus to full fill the customer satisfaction and enhance our global spread the sales and marketing part is been outsourced to a capable global distributor.
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