LPS 500

The long range positioning system is powered with a long range system and a host system which completely works on the geomagnetic sensing platform, the system senses the geomagnetic frequencies received from the ground and interprets the live data generated as per the range values in the host system.

The GPS enabled LPS system generates the live coordinates of the way points on which the long range system tracks from the start point to the target. The GPS coordinates ensures the accuracy in exploration of the groundwater bearing zones.

LPS-500 is suitable for sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous strata. The development in this system is automated with signal amplification system which can automatically calibrate depending on the strata even during the interference of artificial magnetic source.

SYSTEM CONFIGURATION Transmitter -3DL720 MP1 (500 MHz)
Receiver -3DL MR6200 (400 MHz)
LRD - LRD9700 (500 MHz)
Display - Resolution 1024 x 600, color 16.8M, Brightness 290 nits, touch 5 point multi touch
Processor - 1.3GHz
Wireless - Bluetooth 4.0
GPS - NMEA protocol

Front Range – 2000 Sq. M.
Depth Range – 500 M

LRD – Long range distance sensor

The LRD sensor calculates the geo magnetic frequencies received from the ground, which produce magnetic resonance in a known sample in the magnetic field to be measured, measure the sample's resonant frequency, then, calculate and display the field strength.

GPS - AAM - Waypoint Arrival Alarm ALM - Almanac data

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